Board of Directors Responsibilities and Duties

An HOA board is a group of people whose role is to run the association. 

Our HOA board is comprised of four core members – president, vice president, board secretary, and treasurer. 

On top of those four core members, an HOA structure might also include general members who help by serving on various committees. Finally, our HOA Manager (Stevenson Williams Co.) focuses on the association’s day-to-day operations and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Each of the four core board members is responsible for different aspects of the HOA.


The president’s responsibilities focus on overseeing the functioning of the association and decision-making. Typically, the president would have the final say when deciding on various initiatives and projects. Any initiative that the board can’t decide on anonymously can be pushed forward or halted by the president.

This means that anyone serving as our HOA president must understand bylaws and regulations at a detailed level, if only to have all the insights required to make a well-informed decision.

Because the president’s function is to ensure that the association functions at a full capacity, the person must also have an in-depth understanding of all the ins and outs of the association. 


  • Overseeing the association’s activities
  • Decision making
  • Presiding and running meetings


At first sight, the duties and responsibilities of a vice president might seem almost identical to what the president does in an HOA. The vice president will work closely with the president and often take over that role when the president isn’t present. It might happen when the president is away, on vacation, out sick, or cannot focus on their regular duties for any other reason.

Aside from acting on the president’s behalf, the vice-president might be responsible for various projects and oversee specific areas of the HOAs operations. 

For that reason, their knowledge of bylaws, regulations, and the workings of an association must match those of the president. 


  • Acting on behalf of the president when the president is either away or unable to focus on their regular duties


The secretary handles all the documentation within the association. This might include managing all the HOAs documents, communicating with other board members and the residents, updating records, submitting forms, and managing the legal paperwork. 

The secretary would also notify the board and residents of upcoming meetings and record meeting minutes. 


  • Overseeing the HOA’s documents and records.
  • Notifying about board meetings and recording the minutes. 


The treasurer handles the association’s money and financial matters. As part of their job, the treasurer will also conduct internal controls and monitor how the funds are being handled in the HOA. In addition, they will maintain financial records, conduct regular audits of the finances, create the HOA’s annual budget and deal with the association’s taxes.  

The treasurer might also be responsible for overseeing the HOAs insurance to ensure that the association has adequate insurance types – casualty, fidelity, worker’s compensation, and other necessary protections.


  • Overseeing the association’s financial matters
  • Preparing annual budgets
  • Managing financial records
  • Dealing with the association’s taxes